Bulgars, Bolgars, Bulghars, Bulkhars, Bolghars Bushki, Bulhi, Ba-go, Bao-guo, Pu-ku, Bu-gu, and many other variations, that can be found with coupon online. There are plenty of derogatory speculations about the etymology of the name 'Bulgar'. Some scientists-etymologists believe that this term was used to indicate a certain group of horsemen, a 'mix' or a 'blend' of nationalities - how it might be translated from Turkish - which was travelling up and down the Eurasia continent. People can found some clothes similar to those that were wearing bulgar nation online Kohls promo code. There is also the other opinion that this word, namely 'Bulgar', might have been a derivation from the name of the river - the Volga - by which that settlement was used to camp. The latter theory aroused from the fact that numerous amount of kurgans - or grave vault - were found nearby. In other words, the appearance of that tribe and the etymology of that word are still remaining unresolved.